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After The Rain - 1990 Geffen/DGC

Because They Can - 1995 Geffen/DGC

Imaginator - 1996
Stone Canyon Records

The Silence Is Broken - 1997
Stone Canyon Records

Brother Harmony -1998
Stone Canyon Records

Life - 1999
Stone Canyon Records

Like Father,Like Sons-2000 Stone Canyon Records

Best Of Nelson - 2004 Universal Music Co.

Unreleased Transcon CD

Lightning Strikes Twice-2010
Frontiers Records

Before The Rain-2010
Frontiers Records

Perfect Storm-2010
Frontiers Records

Guest Appearances

"We Don't Own This World"
Sacred Groove (1993)
George Lynch
"Life is a Lemon"
Bat Out Of Hell II (1993)
Guest Background Vocals
Love Hurts (1991)
Guest Background Vocals
Voices That Care (1991)
Various Artists
Featured Vocals
"Allyson's Starting to Happen"
It's A Shame About Ray (1992)
The Lemonheads
Guest Background Vocals
"She Drives Me Crazy"
Kermit Unpigged (1994)
The Muppets
Guest Background Vocals
"Pretty Woman"
Little Guitars (2000)
Tribute to Van Halen
Various Artists
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Stone Cold Queen (2001)
Tribute To Queen
Various Artists
"Before Tonight Is Over"
"Don't Turn Away"
Jack Ponti Presents (2003)
"Team Chaotix"
Sonic Heroes Soundtrack
"RED37" (2004) 
Matthew Nelson,JJ Farris
Brian "Dogboy" Burwell
"Rockin' Little Roadster"
Lightning McQueen's 
Fast Tracks (2006)
"Travelin' Man"
A Song For My Father 
"Jingle Bell Rock"
Monster Ballads Xmas 



Love and Affection
#1 On Billboard
Cross My Broken Heart
#1 Indonesia & Malaysia
After The Rain
#1 R&R #3 Billboard
Too Many Dreams
#1 Japan, Taiwan, S. Korea
More Than Ever
#3 R&R #5 Billboard
Won't Walk Away
#1 Japan & Philippines
Only Time Will Tell
#7 R&R #11 Billboard
Do You Believe In Religion
#1 Singapore, #3 Japan
(You Got Me) All Shook Up
Top 40 Billboard
Say It Isn't So
#1 Japan & Thailand



A Girl Like That 
She Loves Me 
From The Word Go 
What's In A Name 
Goin' Goin', Gone 
The Night Is Young 
Just Once More 
Try My Love 
What About Me?
Blue Promises 
Pull Your Boots Off 
With This Kiss 
Five O'Clock Train 
The Fever For You 
My Heart Stays Here 
I Wish I Knew 
I'll Be Right Here 
For Cryin' Out Loud
One Of The Things About You 
Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore 
Forever Isn't Long Enough For Me 
She's Way Too Cute For Him 
Nothing's Good Enough For You 
You Call That A Mountain? 
Only A Moment Away 
Baby Thinks Of Love As A Train 
When The Vow Breaks
She Don't Wanna Hear It